Complete RCM platform from the ground up, as used by TFL

What is RailView?

RailView is an industry leading RCM package which has been designed & developed in-house. Our comprehensive framework handles the entire analytics / Remote Condition Monitoring workflow from taking data in the field, data parsing and trending, all the way out to front line maintainers. RailView is industry proven in predicting and preventing failures and managing maintenance schedules.

Comprehensive Analytics Portal

RailViewWeb is our industry leading Analytics Portal as used by TFL. RailView's powerful engine brings context driven datasets to the end users allowing for quick, reliable and effective datadives. RailViewWeb is designed for users ranging from data scientists all the way to front line maintainers.

RailView and RailViewWeb has been proven in the field over numerous years having succesfully predicted and prevented countless real-world failures, provided critical data for maintenance schedules, and ensuring client system up-time and high service levels

Customisable Daily / Alert Reports

RailView's proprietary reporting engine was built from the ground up to allow user defined and configurable reports to be sent to recipients on a trigger, schedule or Ad-Hoc basis.

Reports can be generated in PDF or CSV format and sent to users via Email, FTP, API, SMS, etc. Our highly configurable engine has access to the entire RailView dataset list. RailView's reporting services are wired into our dynamic and complex data algorithms alowing our alerts tier to warn users of degrading assets, failure hotspots, daily summary reports, and so on.

Geographical Analysis

RailView correlates geographical datasets with our bespoke algorithms to accurately predict and anaylse datasources, allowing users to review identified trends, highlight degrading assets and understand geographically linked issues.

What can RailView do?

  • Comprehensive Analytics portal
  • Real-Time alerts
  • Daily Summary Reports
  • Bespoke API suite
  • AI Driven analytics & asset degradation monitoring
  • IOT enabled
  • Modular Framework
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